Indoor TV Antenna Buying Guide

You all are now aware about the various benefits that come along with a TV antenna. It is the right time to say goodbye to your Pay TV and opt for TV antennas that provide your favourite channels for free. Though this decision may seem to be easier but the trickiest part is when you have to actually select the right antenna for your house. Let us have a look at what all factors would need to keep in mind before going in for that ideal indoor TV antenna.


Availability of channels: 

Not only antennas would provide you with VHF or UHF channels. There would be certain TV antennas which only provide for UHF frequency signals. This should be fine for most of you but when the local broadcaster is making use of VHF frequencies then you may need to opt for an antenna that picks up these type of signals. Hence before you purchase an indoor antenna, check what type of frequency is available in your area so that you do not miss out on programming.

Directional or multi-directional:

Directional antennas are those wherein you would need to point the TV antenna to just one direction towards the tower so as to get strong signal strength. If you have obstructions near your house, then probably a directional one would work fine since if one side is free from obstruction then you can point the antenna to that direction to get clear signals. In case if your area is free from obstruction then a multi-directional antenna should do the trick. One best thing of the multi-directional ones is that you do not need to adjust them for receiving clear signals.

Signal strength nearby:

The most important thing before considering to buy an antenna is the exact signal strength available in your area. Indoor antennas mostly work well when you have strong signals in the area since most of the time they are placed indoors. Once you get this information then you can decide on how strong an antenna would you need. One of the main aim of purchasing the TV antenna is to get a model that is strong enough to pick up all of the channels that you are looking out for.

Is there a need for an amplifier or booster: 

Amplifiers come into picture when your TV antenna is not able to pick up clear signals. This mostly occurs when you stay far from the broadcasting tower or if there are too many hurdles or obstructions that prove to be hiccups in picking up the signals. This where you may need the help of an amplifier. With the use of amplifier, it would help in further increasing the range of the antenna so that it can catch strong and clear signals. There are some antennas which have built-in antennas else you may need to buy a separate one.

Indoor TV antenna may not be a right choice for any location. Indoor TV antennas tend to pick up only limited channels hence not be always an ideal option. It works well only if the broadcasting tower is near to your home or if the placement of the antenna is done at a correct position from where it can pick up strong and clear signals.