For those of you who have considered to cut the cord and go in for TV antenna may be wondering if really what they would be receiving for free is legal or not. The cable TV companies have put a misnomer in the minds of the consumers that TV viewing cannot be free, you have to pay for something that you are watching on TV. But this is not the truth. It is very much legal to watch TV when you have an OTA antenna installed. Though you may not receive all of the channels out there, but surely you would be receiving all of your local channels for free. All you would need to pay is the one-time TV antenna expense.

The OTA signals are all around us, it is just that we do not see them. But they are going through the air. This is all thanks to the local broadcast tower present in your area. Earlier TV antennas were the only way wherein one could watch the local TV. Remember those rabbit ears sticking out from the TV. This was then replaced with the flat antennas which could be easily attached to the wall. Then came the time of Pay TV wherein cable companies offered multiple packages with numerous channels. They would charge you with monthly subscription fees that gradually started to increase.

The local television stations make use of the broadcast towers for allowing its viewers to watch sports, news and other local shows. You also get some major television networking channels as well such as Fox and NBC. A TV antenna makes available only certain limited number of channels based on your broadcast station and the antenna you have gone in for. All of these OTA channels are free of cost to its viewers. But not all channels can be aired for free. There are certain channels for which you would need to pay subscription to get access for viewing it.

One of the reason for the same is, the content providers are basically paid when you make use of antenna. They all earn from the advertising that are aired on their channel. Hence it is very much legal to view these channels. But there are certain premium channels as well which only make money through their subscription. These channels, do not air too many advertisements and in case if they do then it’s for their own content. They do not promote the content of any other companies. This is the reason you cannot get such premium channels for free. Most of the people would only receive channels between 12 and 40 for free.

Your HD TV antenna is very much legal. Though there would not be a surety on the number of channels you may receive with the indoor TV antenna but whatever channels you can view through that antenna are free of cost. Hence you can always check on the FCC website for the list of channels provided in your area for free.