Once you have purchased the TV antenna after a thorough research and finding, it is time to install the antenna so that you start receiving channels on your TV and enjoy your favourite show. Below is the TV antenna installation guide for making the task of installation easier.

  • Antenna assembling: Your TV antenna would have come along with certain list of instructions on how to assemble it. Some of the antennas come in one piece wherein for some you would need to follow the guide mentioned on the kit for assembling the antenna properly. In case if the outdoor TV antenna is too big, then go on the rooftop and assemble it there so that becomes easier for mounting it.
  • Installing roof mount: Based on the type of TV antenna you have, the roof mount installation would differ. The tripod or the mast is popular one for roof installs. There would be two mounting supplies to be used in combination for installing the antenna. In case if you are installing the antenna on a flat roof and do not want to drill a hole then you can go in for non-penetrating roof mount. This is secured with concrete blocks wherein you would need to just place the frame of mount on the roof and secure it with five to eight concrete blocks. The third option is a mast or chimney mount for those who want to attach their TV antenna to chimneys. Installing of this mount may seem to be easier if you have someone else to help around. The eave mount is the ideal choice for those who do not want to drill holes on the roof. Just screw the two brackets that have come along into the eave, insert and fasten the mast. The attic mount is for those who cannot install their antenna on roof. Just screw this mount into the floor of the attic and then insert the mast and fasten.
  • In case if you have also purchased a rotator for turning your antenna as and when needed, you may need to install it in the first place. You would need to mount it on the mast and then secure the antenna in the rotor. The power cable should be attached to the bottom of this rotor and then run this to your house. This cable would then be attached to the rotor control box. You also get an instruction manual to help in making this process smoother.
  • Most of the TV antennas come along with coaxial cable to be attached to the antenna. It would allow to screw this cable onto it. Now run this cable to your house. You can make use of cable clips for fastening it properly. You can also make use of existing cable if you have any. Once inside the house, connect this coaxial cable to the power supply of the pre-amplifier if you have purchased one. In case if you do not have a pre-amplifier then connect the cable to the splitter or TV.
  • The wiring part is all completed. In case if you have an older TV that is prior to 2007 then you may need to purchase a converter box that would allow you to receive the digital signals from the antenna. After hooking on the coaxial cable to the TV, just change the input on the TV to the exact location and run a scan for channels. You can also refer the TV manual instructions on how to do so. Just go into menu and search for the option channel scan. Ensure to select the digital scan option.
  • Once the scan is completed, you are now ready to watch your shows on TV.
TV Antenna Installation Guide